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We are please to provide quality Shade ‘n Net Australian-Made shade structures.  Our informative list below of the different types of shade solutions available will help you decide the type of shade that is most suitable for your needs.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth structures consist of a single fitted shade cloth cover over a metal frame.  Shade cloth frames can be made in any regular shape including square, rectangular, pentagonal or hexagonal, with a variety of roof pitches.  A wide variety of powdercoat finishes is available for the frames. Shade cloth covers also come in a range of colours with UV protection rating up to 95%.  Darker colours offer greater UV protection.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are popular due to their aesthetic appeal.  They look fantastic when set at varying heights and with varying sail shapes over lapping.  Although shade is provided by exactly the same shade cloth as used on structures the construction is quite different.  Sails are supported by heavy duty cables which are threaded through seams and tensioned to the support posts.  Sails must have a degree of angle to allow water run off and prevent sail sagging.  Due to the tensioning and the additional wind loading on posts from this construction, sail posts are generally heavily engineered.

Solid Roofs

Solid shades have become more popular in schools and childcare due to their vandal resistance.  A solid roof also provides 100% rain and hail protection. Although the initial expense can be quite high, it will pay off in the long run with no additional maintenance or repairs.  Solid shades can be specially designed with options such as curved roof, pitched roof or flat roof.  Laser lite panels can also be added.

Membrane Shade

Membrane shades are tensioned in a similar way to shade cloth sails.  The main difference is that the design of a membrane shade must be 3D, meaning it must have at least 3 different fixing heights to gain sufficient tensioning.  Engineering for membrane is also much more complex due to the additional stresses and loadings of the material on the posts.

Portable Shade

Portable shade consists of a light weight aluminium frame with a shade cloth cover which can be folded and packed away.  Usually only recommended for events purposes such as school carnivals, fairs and shows, it has also proved a popular cheap alternative for childcare centres needing temporary shade.