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  Aero SuperSaver DIY


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Colour Selection
Size and Fall Height Rating

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Aero SuperSaver DIY rubber surfacing is the versatile answer when impact absorption and non-slip properties are needed.  Aero DIY complies fully with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4422:1996 for playground rubber surfacing requirements and caters for fall heights up to 0.7M or up to 3.3M when laid over A1 Rubber Shockpads on a stabilised crusher dust base.

Aero DIY tiles are manufactured under strict quality control to ISO 9001.  The medium density compound of polymetically bound rubber crumb provides a soft, resilient, non-slip surface designed to maximise underfoot comfort and stability.    As with other Aero surfacing system, DIY tiles are prefabricated in the factory, to ensure density and thickness are maintained across all parts of the safety surface.  This is every customer’s guarantee of consistent performance and makes installation a breeze!

DIY SuperSaver comes in 1m square tiles and will quickly cover a large area.   Tiles are sealed and bonded to each other along the reverse bevel edge using a flexible, tough, polyurethane construction adhesive.

Colour Selection
Brick Red
Bright Green
Dark Green
Size and Fall Height Rating


DIY Aero SuperSaver Kit
Code Thickness Size Fall Height Rating*
ASS15 15mm 1m2 0.5m
ASS20 20mm 1m2 0.7m
      *over compacted crusher dust
DIY Aero SuperSaver & Aero Low Rebound Shockpad**
Code Thickness Size Fall Height Rating
ASPLR15/ASS15 30mm 1m2 0.9m
ASPLR20/ASS15 35mm 1m2 1.1m
ASPLR25/ASS15 40mm 1m2 1.2m
ASPLR30/ASS15 45mm 1m2 1.4m
ASPLR35/ASS15 50mm 1m2 1.5m
ASPLR40/ASS15 55mm 1m2 1.6m
ASPLR45/ASS15  60mm 1m2 1.8m
ASPLR50/ASS15 65mm 1m2 2.1m***

** fall heights greater than 0.7m require Aero Low Rebound Shockpad under surface tile

*** fall heights greater than 2.1m can be accomodated by double layer of Shockpads below surface tile


Step 1. Base Preparation

Step 2. Installation

Installation must be to a stable surface. This can be by complete or partial direct gluing to a suitable existing surface or involve the creation of a smooth and stabilised base of compacted crusher dust base with minimum 2% crossfall.

Tiles should be kept clean and free of moisture during installation as this can detract from performance of the construction adhesive. All required adhesive is supplied. Applicator guns may be purchased separately.

Our comprehensive installation instructions will take you step by step through the process of preparing the base, laying the rubber, finishing the edges and taking care of the surface once installed. Should you need advice, simply call us and one of our expert staff will be happy to assist you. 

Partial direct gluing to a stable surface



Aero Super Savers are compatible with Aero Cool technology, enabling bright colours and designs to be added to the surface as budgets allow. The unique seam join system enables extensions and repairs to be carried out neatly without adversely affecting the integrity or appearance of the product.  


Aero rubber safety surfacing products conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4422: 1996. Aero comes with independent laboratory test results showing compliance to the Standard at the fall height specified, including at the joins

The manufacturer warrants the owner that the Aero rubber surface will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase when used for the purpose the manufacturer intended and in accordance with care instructions. Warranty excludes misuse, abuse, vandalism  or accidental damage
Please call us during business hours (8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri) on 02 6297 3700. We can discuss details of your proposed installation, help you determine your fall height requirements and provide expert advice on the type, style and quantity of materials needed.